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New EP – No Safety – Out now!

Hello all! Hows about a friggin update!

At long last we are happy to release upon the world our latest effort: a 6-song EP, titled, “No Safety”. Please click to enjoy! Thanks so much to Nick Cawley at Black Ribbon Studios (recording) and Chris Collins at The Opium Den Productions/The Opium Den Studios (mastering) for their work on this EP. A well deserved slap on the back and hug around the neck goes to Travis (Saturn Five Sound) for the countless hours spent on cranking out mix after mix till we got it just right. And an extra BIG THANKS to our old buddy, Patrick, of The Black Sundays, for holding down the bass responsibilities and lending his musicianship to these songs. We couldn’t have done it without ya, man.
We think it turned out great and we’d like for you to check it out. Tell us what you think!! We should be playing out soon so maybe we’ll see you out there. Until then…


No Safety

New Terminus – No Safety

The Unwanted now available on iTunes!

Hey guys, we have been taking some time to finish writing a new (maybe full length) album. Hopefully we’ll have some updates on that very soon. In the mean time, The Unwanted just became available on iTunes for pre-order. We were very lucky to have two of our songs included in this fantastic independent feature film. Give it a watch!

The Unwanted

The Unwanted

New tracks almost ready!

The Producers

The Producers

The Producers showed up and put the final touches on four new tracks. We are now ready to send them off to get mastered next week with Glen Schick!

New Terminus @ Alley Cat 7/6/2012

We are making the trek out to Carrollton, GA to play The Alley Cat on July 6th.  We will be the only band playing so expect us to play everything we got.  Hope to see you there!New Terminus Plays Carrollton