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Goings on…

We are over 1/12th into the new year and what a fine new year it’s been so far!

If you haven’t already, pop over and check out our new video for “Timebomb”,- you are sure to love it! While you are at it you can always download the track from our music site and enjoy it anytime you like!

In other news, we’ve been busy networking with other great bands from Atlanta and surrounding parts, so don’t be surprised to see some great shows posted in the very near future featuring some great artists and groups. Hey, if you are interested in setting up a bill with us give us a shout. Or if you know of someone awesome we should know, send them our way, we love meeting new folks and diversifying the crowd.

In other, other exciting news, we are breaking ground on putting together a new release! Granted we are still demo-ing it out and figuring out exactly what we want it to consist of, but it’s in the works! Expect a release date…later.

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New Terminus releases video for ‘Timebomb’!

Hey, you know that catchy song of ours that you can’t get out of your head? Well, we just did a video for it and it’s amazing! See it here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-_C6rqLHqQ

We can’t thank Chris Tsambis and crew enough for all their hard work and patience to make this happen.

Check it out and then download the album here-http://newterminus.bandcamp.com/album/red-giant 

1/11/13 @ The Basement!

We are playing the Basement

This will also be our video release show, so come check it out!

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We have been working on a new music video for Timebomb! Our friend and director, Chris Tsambis has pulled together some very talented people to shoot the video, which is about half done now. It’s hard work making a video. We should have something for you to see shortly!