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Subtle Astro was release a year ago today! Have some…

A year ago we released our EP Subtle Astronaut. I always liked how the track Let It Out came out. Let It Out is nestled right in the middle of the album and is easy to miss. So go give it a listen. Download it for free on us. Download the entire record. We have set the price to “name your own price” on our bandcamp site!  Enjoy.subtle astronaut


We are proud to announce the release of our new EP, Subtle Astronaut. Plsubtle astronautease click here to download as you wish.

These tracks are also being digitally distributed so they should be popping up on iTunes as well as Spotify pretty soon. Enjoy!

Track list:

1. Subtle Astronaut

2. Back and Forth

3. Let it Out

4. Meat Snax

5. Left of the Dial


Second release from SUBTLE ASTRONAUT- “Left of the Dial”

Here is “Left of the Dial” .


It’s the second release in as many weeks from Subtle Astronaut. You may (or may not) recognize it as originally performed and recorded by The Replacements and you may (or may not) have caught our version at last year’s 500 Songs for Kids benefit. We liked playing it so much we thought we’d set up some mics and record it (mostly) live for your entertainment. Hope you dig it, because we do.

click here for "Left of the Dial"

click here for “Left of the Dial”

“Subtle Astronaut” single available for your enjoyment!!!

New Terminus_10011822744_lWe’ve released the first taste of SUBTLE ASTRONAUT and it just happens to be called “Subtle Astronaut”. The single is available to be be streamed and downloaded at http://newterminus.bandcamp.com/track/subtle-astronaut 

Or you can click on the “bc” button at the top of this page.

In other news, Keep an eye out for Dallas at this years SHAKY KNEES FEST. He’ll prob be there all weekend long and we just might have another release related to one of the great bands you should see there. More to come…

Getting ready to launch SUBTLE ASTRONAUT

The new EP, Subtle Astronaut, is nearly ready for take off! We are dropping a track or two in the weeks leading up but expect it in its entirety right around June time!

Here is the official track list:

1. Subtle Astronaut

2. Back and Forth

3. Let it Out

4. Meat Snax

5. Left of the Dial

Yup that’s right! We included our 500 Songs for Kids cover from last year “Left of the Dial” by The Replacements. True to “‘Mats” form, it’s rockin’ and more than a little rough around the edges.

Stay tuned for a single to be released in the next week!!image (4)