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STRANGE DAZE and news!

Here’s a heads up. WE ARE TOTALLY ROCKING THIS! STRANGE DAZE MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL. check us out Aug 13th at THE MUSIC ROOM! other fun things in the works as well. A little Picaflor, and a cool bit at UNDER THE COUCH for some cool radio exposure at WREK! and from what Dallas reports, it should be pretty interesting, so keep your ears tuned. Also, we are continuing to record new material that we are very excited about. Those of you awesome folks who attend our last 529 show got a sneak preview. Things are getting HOT! Ka-BOOM! SHA-POW!, and Ka-BLOOEY!

New Terminus back in the studio!

So we had a New Terminus Recordinggreat show at the Unicorn last week as well as alot of fun opening up 500 Songs for Kids Thursday night. But the big news is we are back to work on new tunes for the pending full-length release. This past weekend we got a surprising amount done in a very short time. What can you expect from this release? Possible tracks included but not limited too “Bits and Pieces”, “Father Machine”, “Great Red Spot”, and a last minute addition “Driving it Down”. Many more to record, and (ahem) write, but we are pretty good at that. Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming show at the end of the month!

Recording is finished for our new EP!

Well we’ve finished the recording part, now on the the mixing!   We are hoping to release the EP early next year, and it’s going to sound great, we think.

New Terminus Recording

New Terminus Amps

New Terminus In the Studio