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New Terminus Store now online!

New Terminus merch

Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL New Terminus Store! Fire at will Commander! (or just click the tab on the menu above)

Two New Songs Up! Listen!

Please take a moment and head over to our Bandcamp page to hear two new songs off our forthcoming full-length LP, RED GIANT:


Proceed to our IndieGoGo campaign site to see the perks and make a donation.  Imagine…just imagine…hearing them on warm vinyl.  Or CD if that’s your thing.  Either way, you can get a digital download.  It’s win-win.





Red Giant on the horizon…

Holy!  Here’s a grand glance at Neal Williams’s gorgeous artwork for our forthcoming full-length LP, RED GIANT.  Neal, as you may know, goes way back with us, having filled in on bass for a few shows and recorded with Dallas in various projects.  It’s a special treat to have him grace us with his artistry.

It’s also a glimpse of what awaits purchasers of the album and contributors to the ongoing IndieGoGo fundraising campaign!  Check out the perks:    http://www.indiegogo.com/Full-length-debut-LP-by-New-Terminus.

New Terminus needs your support!

Hey everybody! We’ve been working hard on our full-length LP debut and we would love to have it pressed on warm vinyl. Friends, fellow fans of music, vinyl collectors, all of you: New Terminus needs your support to realize the dream! Follow this link to secure your copy and maybe get some other goodies.