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March 26 @ Be Atlanta HOUSE SHOW

"The House Show"

Be Atlanta presents a night jammed with hot jams, w/ New Terminus, Satellite District, and Dr. Genius (who I'm told now may be Planet Rock)

FREE SATURDAY. MARCH 26. BYOB so bring it. It’s a house show with three killer bands, NEW TERMINUS, SATELLITE DISTRICT, and PLANET ROCK (or Dr. Genius?) who only want to please your senses so why not do this?! It’s a no brainer.

Who cares what else is going on, this is in-between whatever else you got going down in EAV and L5P. This is free and will be JAMMIN.

Go to beatlanta.com for details on this and many other events in our city.  The address for this place is crazy.  GPS may send you down a dark overgrown alley from which you may not return.  Make sure you turn NORTH on Howell off of Memorial Dr.  You should see it.

New Terminus shows coming up this month!!!

We had an AWESOME time in Columbus at EIGHTY-FIVE. It’s a great venue with  a bunch of great bands passing through in the very near future (namely, Atlanta’s own TODAY THE MOON TOMORROW THE SUN and JUNGOL this weekend i believe.) An extra special thanks to SUGAR-GLYDER for headlining the night. What a phenomenal band and an awesome group of people. They just played a set at SMITH’S OLDE BAR last night before heading out to Shreveport and then Dallas, TX. Many well wishes at SXSW this year and we hope to see you guys soon. Please check out this band, they’ve got some great things going.


ok so this month… we have Wed., March 23rd at Pizzeria Vesuvius with AUTHOR’S APOLOGY and SUPERVISOR OF THE LOVELESS AVERAGE.





Then we have a BEATLANTA house par-tay on Sat. March 26th with other local bands TBA. It should be pretty cool, i think we are pulling out all the stops for this one.