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New Terminus @ The Atlanta Room on April 7th

Hey everyone, we have a show coming up at The Atlanta Room at Smith’s Olde Bar.  We are playing with two killer bands, Eureka Failure and The Sunset District.  Hope you can come out!  We will be playing all the tracks off our recent EP No Safety, plus some old favorites.  

New EP – No Safety – Out now!

Hello all! Hows about a friggin update!

At long last we are happy to release upon the world our latest effort: a 6-song EP, titled, “No Safety”. Please click to enjoy! Thanks so much to Nick Cawley at Black Ribbon Studios (recording) and Chris Collins at The Opium Den Productions/The Opium Den Studios (mastering) for their work on this EP. A well deserved slap on the back and hug around the neck goes to Travis (Saturn Five Sound) for the countless hours spent on cranking out mix after mix till we got it just right. And an extra BIG THANKS to our old buddy, Patrick, of The Black Sundays, for holding down the bass responsibilities and lending his musicianship to these songs. We couldn’t have done it without ya, man.
We think it turned out great and we’d like for you to check it out. Tell us what you think!! We should be playing out soon so maybe we’ll see you out there. Until then…


No Safety

New Terminus – No Safety

New Terminus returns to EAV w/Goonight Buffalo and Faithless Town

Join us for an evening at the Earl in East Atlanta on Nov. 5th with Goodnight Buffalo and Faithless Town.

I do believe we are opening the evening so come early, grab a drink, and enjoy some rock. Our buddy and awesome local musician Mike Lowry will be taking care of the bass guitar duties and we are pleased as punch to have him on with us.


Helping our Friends

We appreciate all the help people have given us along the way. Recently the movie The Unwanted was release on Blu-Ray. We are lucky to have two of our songs featured in the movie (review here). You can pick up your copy here.

A little over two years ago, our video for Timebomb came out. You can see it at the bottom of the post. A fantastic team of film professionals made that video for us, and now one of them is asking for help. Darrell C. Hazelrig, the cinematographer on our video, is making a movie. He’s put up an indiegogo page to fund it here. So go check out the perks and support some local movie making!

If you haven’t seen it, check out our video for Timebomb!

The Black Sundays Tonight @ The Masquerade

Long before Patrick joined our band as a bass player, he had his own band, The Black Sundays. As a matter of fact that’s how we met him and Dallas originally. They are playing tonight in Purgatory opening up for Eternal Summers! Door are at 7pm so come early!
Tickets and More Info Here!
Finn Live

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