New Terminus @ The Cottage

Jon Sleep and Travis Navarra of New Terminus have known each for an undisclosed period of time, but it’s been a while, which shows in the guitar interplay of their songs. Jon also sings.

A few moons ago, Dallas Peavy the drummer, desperate to be in as many bands as possible, joined them, not to be the drummer, but pretend to be the drummer in a movie. He did not find this satisfactory so he muscled his way into the role permanently (and tried to sing as well).

Finally the team (w/ founding bassist Jim Miller) adopted the moniker NEW TERMINUS, partially based on the original name of Atlanta, and released two EP’s. The end of 2010 saw the departure of Jim. Supremely Cool bassist Billy Santana joined briefly in 2011 to write some songs and take part in recording for the debut full-length, RED GIANT.

Patrick Finn, of Texas Brit Pop and Black Sundays acclaim, now locks it down on bass and supreme backing vocals.

New Terminus is currently crafting the next batch of New Terminus songs.  In the meantime, RED GIANT is on, and it is running!

New Terminus turn out big, booming, occasionally ambitious excursions into classic pop-rock territory, evoking that 1970s post-Beatles era when all the bands they deeply influenced blended that sound with the more expansive, if slicker, FM radio trends of the times. The Atlanta quartet’s new long-player, Red Giant, definitely grows on you with repeated listens.
Jeff Clark – Stomp And Stammer

The variety of ideas, and quality of execution, makes me think this is a band whose members spend just as much time talking about and listening to records as they do rehearsing. And it sounds like they do more than their fair share of both.
Kevin Schwitters – Sock Monkey Sound

New Terminus don’t give off the impression that they’re trying to reinvent guitar-driven indie rock, they just sound like they want play it really well. Their guitar tone is clean, the choruses crunch… Of the three songs here, “Ancient Photograph” is probably the standout. It knows when to lean on the accelerator and hits a nice peak somewhere around the bridge. On “It Seems Obscene” the band resembles a mellower Dismemberment Plan, but that could just be because singer Jonathan Sleep sounds like a dead ringer for Travis Morrison. “Girl Like Her” starts off pretty textbook, but the instrumental midsection is a satisfying approximation of Superchunk.
Denton – Little Advances

New Terminus…offer upbeat, guitar-driven rock in the vein of Weezer, with noticeable influences from Foo Fighters and Built to Spill. Their accessible sound finds it’s strength in lush vocals, catchy hooks, and memorable guitar riffs. Among the band’s new singles, “Ancient Photograph” stands out as a high-energy, post-punk gem of a melody with vocal styling reminiscent of Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), while “It Seems Obscene” is a more laid-back ride on pretty guitar work and a captivating storyline.
NLelutiu – the Silver Tongue

[New Terminus has been] doing things on their own DIY terms and steadily building their fan base with a dynamic mix of guitar-driven indie rock and infectious power pop. Development…features four catchy tunes brimming with chiming guitars and crisp vocal melodies. “Where We Meet” is probably my favorite of the bunch.
Moe Castro – Latest Disgrace